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The Diemer automatic shearing machine TYPE ASC-LP cuts all types of edge trimmings and waste from chipboard, hard fibre, plastic and synthetic glass boards, as well as all light materials into small waste that can be disposed of, with a low-noise cut and a high volume output. This machine can be constructively integrated into all existing panel-sizing plants.

  • Low-noise operation and thus calming of the working areas

  • No additional costs for dust extraction, due to chip-free and dust-free knife cut

  • Very low maintenance requirements due to months of blade life.

  • Low energy costs due to hydraulic drive

  • Optimum processing quantity due to extremely high volume output

  • Highest operational and accident safety

  • Seal of approval of the HBG.


Technical discription

Throw cuttings manually or mechanically into the feed chute. Due to the horizontal arrangement of the feed chute, you can integrate the type ASC-LP into any kind of mechanization that continuously feeds the cut material and transports the shredded material. The length of the feed chute can be adjusted arbitrarily to the requirements of the respective dividing system. 


The shortening system with shear and counter knife is switched in cycle with the feed and is electro-hydraulically controlled and driven, the remaining wood is shortened. The cutting length is determined and adjusted by the duration of the feed cycle. Depending on the operating conditions, the service life of the special shearing blades is between 4 and 8 months. 


All movement processes are controlled by electro-hydraulic valves through a contactor circuit with all necessary control functions. The DIEMER automatic machine typeASC-LP is delivered ready for operation. Installation and commissioning can easily be carried out by qualified personnel. Operation and maintenance is simple.

Technical sketch

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